{DIY} Window paintings and Fairy Door

Since last weeks we are in the window painting fever!

Once you have started, you can stop! This makes a lot of fun, you have to try it out! My daughter wanted a Moomin House, here we go, a 5 minute Moomin House, so please don’t judge it much 🙂


For the coming festive season the window paintings are just a perfect DIY idea! We have tried a lot of things and our windows are full.

The good thing is, you can remove them easily and you can decorate your window again and again!

This year I wanted to integrated one of our fairy doors into the window Christmas painting. My kids are in love!

What do you think?


I am happy to get your feedback on instagram. Please tag me, if you will use this DIY this winter. Thank you!

Best wishes from France,

Arminka aka Petit Sourire

P.S. Here are the answers on the frequently asked questions:

  • I used no templates. I just have an idea and started painting the windows (you can find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest or elsewhere). Children are the best artist, just give them the marker! 🙂
  • I used a chalk marker from a craft store (which I bought long time ago, but there are so many online, you will find one for sure). My marker is from UNI, 1.8 – 2.5 mm
  • Make sure it is a chalk marker (you can easily wipe away with water) and not a permanent marker!

Any other questions? Ask in on my Instagram!